G. Nuis1

M, #530

This note appeared on 3 July 1914 in the Het Oosten
The family G. Nuis of Autumn Street have departed on Tuesday, Jun 30, with the s.s. "Rotterdam" to their old hometown Rotterdam, Netherlands, where they hope to re-esteblish themselves, after a 3 year stay in America. The last days of their stay here, they were living with Mr. C. F. Snoep in Burgess Place. A large number of friends wished them a good journey at their departure (Original in Dutch).1

A Gezinus Nuis (indexed as Qezinus) arrives on 9 Aug. 1910 on the Rijndam, from Rotterdam. He is 29 yrs old, and single. Contact in Rotterdam is his brother Jan, and he is going to his brother H.C.F.W. Clever in Passaic, NJ. Jan Nuis, 25 and single, arrives 5 Mar 1913 on the Rijndam, and he is going to his brother G. Nuis, contact in Rotterdam is his mother Mrs. H. Nuis. Helena Maria Clever, 37, arrives with 6 children on 9 May 1911 on the Noordam, going to her husband Chr. F. W. Clever in Passaic, her contact in Rotterdam is her mother Aalt Nuis.


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