Passengers on the

Amsterdam to New York
4 Aug 1847

LIST or MANIFEST of all the Passengers taken on board the Doggersbank whereof Kerkhoven is Master, from Amsterdam burthen * tons.
Columns represent: Name, Age (years/months), Sex, Occupation, Country to which they severally belong, Country in which they intend to become inhabitants, Died on the voyage.
P. Worden          27   M   *Farmer   Holland   UStates 
B. Bijlsma         24  **(F)
J. Terpstra        56   M
W. Terpstra        53   (F)
J. Bijlsma         20   F
J. Bijlsma         10   M
Y. Ulberg          42   M
A. Posthumus       32   F
M. Ulberg          14   F
J. Ulberg          9    F
K. Ulberg          5    M
P. Ulberg          2    M
W. Sandstra        35   M
L. Meulen          32   M
T. Boui            44   M
J. Drufstra        43   F
S. Bouij           18   M
A. Booij           12   F
E. Bouij           9    F
G. Bouij           7    F
V. Bouij           4    M
S. Bouij           1    F
S. Niermeijer      56   M
J. Tibbe           45   F
J. Niermeijer      15   F
S. Gru?er          6    M
H. Weelij          3    M
J. Mulder          35   F
E. Bouman          2    F
M. Trache          35   F
J. Schreider       5    M
I. Schreider       2    M
Yzik Schreider     29   M
J. Bruggencaten    39   M   more info available
ThS. Bruggencate   34   M
K. Parlberg        39   M
A. Weijmster       40   F
A. Parlberg        10   F
W. Parlberg        9    M
J. Parlberg        8    M
I. Parlberg        7    M
P. Parlberg        6    (M)   Lab   Holland   U. States
F. Parlberg        3    F
Z. Parlberg        2mo  M
Z. Ooard           18   F
R. Bloom           30   M
K. Shedman         27   F
A. Bloom           1    M
J. Duijn           5    F
K. Pool            26   M
Z. ?eh             24   F
V. Pool            1    M
J. Bruggink        48   M
J. Derks           41   F
J. Bruggink        18   F
A. Bruggink        15   F
D. Bruggink        13   M
F. Bruggink        10   M
B. Bruggink        7    M
A. Bruggink        5mo  F
A. Hazen           65   F
E. Kalliman        40   M
E. Kalliman        35   F
M. Kalliman        19   F
J. Kalliman        17   F
C. Helmstardt      28   M
J. Tibbe           40   M
J. Tibbe           35   F
A. Tibbe           17   F
P. Muuwenhuijsen   40   M

Transcriber's Notes: *The last 3 columns are only filled out for the first person on each page. For the rest of the males a double quotation mark is used to indicate that the occupation is the same, for the females there is a line. On the 2nd page this is a 6 yr-old, where Lab. is written in for occupation. I know for sure that not all of them were farmers **The Sex column only uses the letters F and M if the person above was a different gender. There are quite a few entries where the gender is changed. I have put the change in parenthesis The use of a ? indicates a word or letters that could not be read, due to quality of original document. * Burthen tons: no entry was made here.
National Archives and Records Administration, Film M237, Reel 68, List 579.
Transcribed by Afina Broekman
17 Mar 2003