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This is only a small selection of the many good genealogy sites available.
It is impossible to list all, and I make no claim to be complete :-).Most sites are in Dutch, some have English versions available.
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  • General Dutch Sites:

    • Genlias. Find your ancestors in the "Burgelijke Stand", the civil registration registers. Not all localities and record types are available yet, but volunteers are working hard and new records are added frequently. Some church records are also available. Check the content page to see what is covered. In English.
    • Herman de Wit's Geneanet. Links to electronic transcriptions of primary sources in The Netherlands and Belgium and much more.
    • Rob Kuijsten's Surname Navigator and Annonce Revue. Rob has much more interesting stuff on his site, but these are two favorites. The Surname Navigator lets you search multiple databases at once. The Annonce Revue is a collection of (mostly) death notices from Dutch papers, that have been send in to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.benelux
    • Don Arnoldus's Zoeklijst Nederlandse Familie Namen. Look for Dutch names other people are working on.
    • Nederlandse Overheidswapens. Dutch Civic Arms. This site has an English version.
  • Groningen:

    • Dik Kuil's Oude en Nieuwe Pekela page. Here are links to other Groningen pages. You can download primary source transcriptions. Also has links to other sources in Groningen, and much more.
    • Piet & Willeke Molema's Groningen Page. Has a wealth of information.
    • Veenkoloniaal Museum History of the "Veenkolonien" in the eastern part of Groningen.
  • Overijssel:

    • Historisch Centrum Overijssel. This is a combination of the Overijssel Division of the National Archive and the City Archives of Zwolle. Indexes to many sources; searchable by name. Also much historic material with photographs.
    • Het Twents Streek Archief in Delden. A searchable (click on Zoek Machine) database of many primary sources of Overijssel.
    • NGV Afdeling Twente has 3 searchable databases on their site. All 3 can be searched by name.
      1. Names (Persoons namen bestand)
      2. Sources (Bronnen bestand) and
      3. Het Twente Bestand.
      Twente Genealogisch, their newsletter is also online.
  • Family:

  • Maritime History:

    • Maritiem Digitaal the collection search system for Maritime Museums. At the moment 12 Maritime Museums participate in this joint venture. An English version is available.
  • Software: