6 Allen Place1

b. 1929
     The occupants of 6 Allen Place were
     in 1930: Leslie D Price2
     in 1933-39: Hartley Radcliffe3,4,5,6
     and in 1941: John B Wilson7
     In 1931 it was listed as vacant.8

Leslie D Price was born in 1902 in New Hampshire.2 He married Marcia H in 1923.2 Leslie D Price appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 6 Allen Place, with Marcia H as wife, and their children Elizabeth and William.2 The value of the house was $9,800.2 Leslie D Price was an electrical engineer for a public utility, and later a manager in Paterson.2,8 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Leslie D Price and Marcia H Price moved before 1931 from 6 Allen Place to 4 Randolph Terrace.8

Hartley Radcliffe married Mildred.5 Hartley Radcliffe was a dealer in iron & steel supplies in Paterson.5 Before coming to Radburn Hartley lived in Paterson.9 Hartley Radcliffe and Mildred Radcliffe moved before 1933 from 6 Berkeley Place to 6 Allen Place.3

John B Wilson married Isabel N.4 John was a clerk, and later an inspector with the Port Authority in New York.10,5,11
John B Wilson is the son of William Hanna Wilson and Kate Billings Wilson. William died in 1898. Kate died 5 Oct 1933 in New York City of a heart attack. She was the organizer and first librarian of the Census Library in Washington, now the library of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. Kate’s father was John Shaw Billings, the first director of the New York Public Library. John S Billings Wilson is associated with the Port Authority (as is his brother Billings Wilson). He also has three sisters.10 Hartley Radcliffe and Mildred Radcliffe moved before 1941 away from Radburn, as there was no longer an entry in the directory.7


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