9 Bancroft Place1

b. 1929
     The occupants of 9 Bancroft Place were
     in 1931-3: Williams A Yarwood2,3
     and in 1935-41: Garrett Powell.4,5,6,7

New York Times, 16 July 1930
     The City Housing Corporation announced the sale of the house at 9 Bancroft Place, Radburn to William A Yarwood.8

Williams A Yarwood married A Beatrice.2 Williams A Yarwood was a president in New York.2 Williams A Yarwood moved before 1935 away from Radburn, as there was no longer an entry in the directory.4

Garrett Powell married Marjorie.3 Garrett Powell was a teacher in New York.3 Garrett Powell moved before 1935 from 325 Howard Ave to 9 Bancroft Place.4


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