3 Ballard Place1

b. 1930
3 Ballard Place was occupied by Kenneth E Robb from 1933 until after 1941. 2,3. In 1937-39 his mother Juliet E Robb is listed with them
Ballard place had no houses yet in 1931.4

Kenneth E Robb married Margaret C.2 Kenneth E Robb was an advertising manager in New York.2
Kenneth Robb is the youngest son of Willis O Robb and Juliet M Everts. They married in 1886 in Cincinnati. Willis died on Monday night at his home of arterial sclerosis. He was before his retirement in 1928 the manager of the New York Fire Insurance Exchange.5

Ridgewood Sunday News, 20 January 1935     
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robb of Ballard Place entertained at bridge last evening. Mr. and Mrs. Madison W. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mitchell and John Robertson of Radburn and Miss Margaret Groult of Queens Village, L.I. Miss Groult, Mrs. W. O. Robb of Forest Hills and Miss Grace Mills of New York were luncheon guests of Mrs. Robb yesterday.6
He married Juliet M in 1886 in Cincinnati.5


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