302-F22 Highstreet1

b. 1929
     The occupants of 302-F22 Highstreet were
     in 1930-3: Lloyd S Myer2,1,3
     in 1935: Langdon Phillips Williams4
     in 1937: James W. Moore5
     and in 1939-41: A. C. Stender.6,7

Lloyd S Myer was born in 1899 in Pennsylvania.2 Lloyd S Myer married Margaret E in 1924(In the directories her name is listed as Emma E).2 Lloyd S Myer appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 302-F22 Highstreet, with Margaret E as wife, and their child Lloyd S.2 The monthly rent was $57.-.2 Lloyd S Myer was a salesman (clothing store).2,1 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Lloyd S Myer moved before 1935 from 302-F22 Highstreet to 2B Townley Road.4 Lloyd S Myer was a Veteran of the World War.2

Langdon Phillips Williams married Svea Thelma on 1 April 1934 in First Lutheran Church, Montclair.8 Langdon Phillips Williams moved before 1935 away from Radburn, as there was no longer an entry in the directory.4
Langdon Phillips Williams is the son of Mr and Mrs Richard F Williams of Upper Montclair, and Svea Thelma Wikstrom is the daughter of Mrs William Wikstron of Montclair and the late Mr Wikstrom.9


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