302-F36 Highstreet1

b. 1929
     The occupants of 302-F36 Highstreet were
     in 1931: Arthur W Stanley1
     in 1933: Jackson A Nichol and Janet S Nichol2
     in 1935-7: Mrs Frances P Poole3,4
     in 1939: W. F. Newbery5
     and in 1941: Mrs. S. F. Harper.6

Arthur W Stanley married Alysse W.1 Arthur W Stanley was a broker, and in 1933 a clerk in New York.1,2 Arthur W Stanley moved before 1933 from 302-F36 Highstreet to 12 Reading Terrace.2

Jackson A Nichol was born in 1858 in New York.7 Jackson A Nichol was an accountant (steel export), but in 1933 a clerk in New York.2,7 Before coming to Radburn Jackson and Janet lived in Ridgewood.1 Jackson A Nichol moved before 1935 to Ridgewood.3

Janet S Nichol was born in 1886 in New York.7 Janet S Nichol was a secretary (or clerk) at the US Steel Corp in New York. In 1910 she was a stenographer there.7,2 Janet S Nichol died on 28 February 1933 in Radburn.8,9 A Memorial Service was held on 2 March 1933 in Mortuary Chapel, 306 East Ridgewood Ave,, Ridgewood.8

Mrs Frances P Poole was the widow of Vincent T.3 No occupation was listed for Frances.3 Mrs Frances P Poole moved before 1939 away from Radburn, as there was no longer an entry in the directory.5


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