Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


7 Audubon Place1
b. 1929

     The occupants of 7 Audubon Place were
     in 1931: W Kenneth Mendenhall2
     in 1933: Mrs M Frances Guss3
     in 1937-9: Harold W Johnson4,5
     and in 1941: Walter S Kennedy6
     In 1935 it was listed as vacant.7

New York Times, 16 March 1930
     The City Housing Corporation has sold a one-family house at 7 Audubon Place in Radburn to W Kenneth Mendenhall of Morsemere.8

W Kenneth Mendenhall was born in 1902 in Delaware.9 He married Jeanne in 1927.2,9 Kenneth Mendenhall was an auditor (bank) in New York.2,9 Kenneth Mendenhall and Jeanne Mendenhall moved before 1933 to Woodbridge.3

No occupation was listed for Mrs M Frances Guss.3,7 Mrs M Frances Guss moved before 1935 from 7 Audubon Place to 14 Bancroft Place.7

C Mabel Smith was a writer.3 Mabel Smith moved before 1935 to New York.7

Harold W Johnson moved before 1941 to Puerto Rico.6

Walter S Kennedy was born in 1873 in New York.10 He married Minnie S in 1903.2,10 Walter S Kennedy was a (cotton) salesman, and in 1933-7 a superintendant in New York. Later he was a salesman, and a sales manager.2,3,10,6 Walter and his wife Minnie had two children Alice and William.10 Walter S Kennedy moved before 1933 from 302-F5 Highstreet to Fair Lawn but before 1939 they moved back to Radburn to 302-F24 Highstreet, and before 1941 to 7 Audubon Place.3,5,6

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