Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


3 Bolton Place1
b. 1930

     The occupants of 3 Bolton Place were
     in 1931-33: Harold C Carroll2,3
     in 1935: Floyd R Eastwood4
     in 1939: Carrington A Johnson5
     and in 1941: W. J. Atchison6
     In 1937 it was listed as vacant.7

Harold C Carroll was born in 1898 in New Jersey.8 He married Loretta in 1919.2,8 Harold C Carroll was an editor (for a monthly magazine) in New York.2,8 Harold and his wife Loretta had two daughters Jane and Mary.8 Before coming to Radburn Harold and Loretta lived in Bloomfield, New Jersey.8 Harold C Carroll and Loretta Carroll moved before 1935 to Montclair.4

Floyd R Eastwood married Verna.3 Floyd R Eastwood was a teacher in New York.3 Floyd R Eastwood moved before 1935 from 4 Brighton Place to 3 Bolton Place.4

Carrington A Johnson married Helen E.4 Carrington A Johnson was a real estate agent, and later also an accountant in New York.4,7,6

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