Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


302-G31 Highstreet1
b. 1929

     The occupants of 302-G31 Highstreet were
     in 1931: Hilding B Nelson1
     in 1933: Werner G Bolleter2
     in 1935: Robert A Turner3
     in 1937: Richard E McLeod4
     in 1939: Joan Dennett5
     and in 1941: E. A. Boniface.6

Hilding B Nelson was born in 1899 in Connecticut.7 He married Ruth R in 1924.1,2,7 Hilding B Nelson was a salesman (tires) in Newark.1,7 In the 1933 directory Hilding was listed as Benjamin.2 Hilding and his wife Ruth had a daughter Shirley.7 Hilding B Nelson and Ruth R Nelson moved before 1933 from 302-G31 Highstreet to 9 Reading Terrace.2

Werner G Bolleter was born in 1899 in Switzerland.8 Werner G Bolleter married Elma M between 1930 and 1932.2 Werner G Bolleter was an accountant at a brokerage, and in 1933 a cashier in New York.2,8 Werner G Bolleter moved before 1935 from 302-G31 Highstreet to 7 Randolph Terrace.3

Robert A Turner graduated in 1929 from University of Minnesota.9 He married Marie Antoinette on 11 September 1933 in the First Presbyterian Church, Englewood.9,10 Robert was associated with the Radburn Association at 115 (203) Plaza Road North in Radburn.9 Robert A Turner and Marie Antoinette Fensterer moved before 1937 from 302-G31 Highstreet to 14 Randolph Terrace.4

Marie Antoinette Fensterer graduated in 1931 from Smith College.9

Richard E McLeod married Marcella E.5 Richard E McLeod was a salesman in Lodi.4,5 Richard E McLeod moved before 1939 from 302-G31 Highstreet to 201-A24 Abbott Road.5

Joan Dennett was a secretary-treasurer in Paterson, New Jersey.5 Joan Dennett moved before 1941 to Glen Rock, New Jersey.6

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