334A Plaza Road North1

     The occupants of 334A Plaza Road North were
     in 1930-1: Dean A Hawley2,1
     in 1935-7: Everett L Butler3,4
     in 1939: George H Smith5
     and in 1941: D. C. McMillan6
     in 1933 it was listed as vacant.7

Dean A Hawley was born in 1888 in New Jersey.2 He married Ethel in 1917.2 Dean A Hawley appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 334 Plaza Road North, with Ethel as wife, and their children Betty and Dean.2 The monthly rent was $58.-.2 Dean A Hawley was an interior decorator in New York.2,1 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Dean A Hawley and Ethel Hawley moved before 1933 to Fair Lawn Ave, Fair Lawn.7

In 1935 he was a clerk in New York, in 1937 a district supervisor in New York, and in 1939-41 an employee < at an unknown place > at the Telephone Company.3,5 Everett L Butler moved before 1939 from 334A Plaza Road North to 11A Beekman Place.5

George H Smith was born in 1911.8 George H Smith graduated in 1932 from Yale.8 George H Smith married Ruth M, of 7 Ashburn Place on 18 March 1933.9 George H Smith was a clerk, and later an actuary accountant in New York.3,6 George H Smith died on 2 April 1997 in Chatam.8 George and his wife Ruth had one son, Peter L.10 George H Smith and Ruth Mackey moved before 1937 from 201-C31 Abbott Road to 201-C23 Abbott Road, then before 1939 to 334A Plaza Road North, before 1941 to 13-19 Plaza Road South, before 1958 to 16A Townley Road.4,5,6,11


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