Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


12 Arlington Place1
b. 1929

     The occupants of 12 Arlington Place were
     in 1930: Howard R Speer2
     and in 1931-41: Donald F Hastings.3,4,5,6,7,8

Howard R Speer was born in 1899 in New Jersey.2 He married Hildegard in 1925.2 Howard R Speer appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 12 Arlington Place, with Hildegard as wife, and their children Audrey L and Donald S.2 The value of the house was $12,000.2 Howard Speer was a foreman, and in 1931 a engineer at the Telephone Company in New York.2,3 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Howard Speer was a Veteran of the World War.2 Howard R Speer and Hildegard Speer moved before 1931 from 12 Arlington Place to 325 Howard Ave, then before 1933 to 2 Ashburn Place, before 1935 to 20A Townley Road, and before 1937 to 341 Howard Ave.3,4,5,6

Donald F Hastings married Betty M.3 Donald F Hastings was a radio engineer. In 1949 he patented a a rheostat for adjusting the volume in radios in New York.3,9

William A Duncan married Lolita.5 William A Duncan was a bond trader in New York.5
William A Duncan served in 1932 in the 310th infantry, 78th division, NJ National Guard. He was a 1st Lt. and was on 17 July ordered to active duty at Camp Dix. He was released from active duty July 30.10

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