Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


5 Audubon Place1
b. 1929

     The occupants of 5 Audubon Place were
     in 1930-3: Rev. Deane Edwards2,3,4
     in 1935: Sidney P Howell5
     in 1937: Robert C. Bryan6
     and in 1939-41: Hugh R Partridge.7,8

Rev. Deane Edwards was born in 1885 in Minnesota.2 He married Margaret D in 1914.2 Rev. Deane Edwards appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 5 Audubon Place, with Margaret D as wife, and their children Robert J, Richard, Edith F and Mary P. Enumerated with him was Bessie Sweeney, servant.2 The value of the house was $16,000.2 Rev. Deane Edwards was the pastor at the Church in Radburn.2,3 He did not own a radio in 1930.2 Rev. Deane Edwards was a Veteran of the World War.2

The Bulletin, 27 October 1932
The first service of the New Era of The Church in Radburn will be held on 30 Oct 1932 in the Assembly Room of the Plaza Building and will be conducted by Rev. Deane Edwards, who will preach on "The Trilogy of Spiritual Greatness," John 13:1-4. A special invitation is extended to everyone to join in this hour of worship. The Sunday Church School will meet as usual in the Plaza Building and Children's House.9
Rev. Deane Edwards moved before 1935 from 5 Audubon Place to 8 Audubon Place.5

Sidney P Howell married Marcia M.4 Sidney P Howell was in insurance in New York. In 1941 he was in Social Service.4,8 Sidney P Howell moved before 1935 from 7 Aberdeen Place to 5 Audubon Place, and before 1937 to 2 Ashburn Place.5,6

Hugh R Partridge married Martha.4 Hugh R Partridge was a sugar broker in New York.4 Hugh R Partridge moved before 1939 from 1 Bolton Place to 5 Audubon Place.7

Dirk Partridge was born circa 1925.10 Dirk Partridge graduated in 1942 from Ridgewood High School, and completed a year at Swarthmore College before he enlisted.10
Dirk Partridge enlisted in 1943 in the US Navy, He was in 1944 a seaman first class and stationed in Patuxent River.11

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