Radburn, A Town for the Motor Age


302-G40 Highstreet1
b. 1929

     The occupants of 302-G40 Highstreet were
     in 1931-3: Richard A Learned1,2
     in 1935: G Milton Smith3
     in 1937: Edward A. Roda4
     in 1939: Johan E Phragmen5
     and in 1941: Raymond G Young.6

Richard A Learned was born in October 1862 in New York.7,8 Richard A Learned graduated in 1885 from Rutgers University.9 He was an activist. In 1892 he was among the signers of a call to action against Tammany Hall.10
Richard A Learned served in the Company F, 7th Regiment, NY National Guard. In 1894 he was a private, and the secretary of the Civil Officers of the Company. In 1893 he had recruited his brother John Adams.11,12 He married first Katherine W in 1890.13,14,8 Richard had a daughter Katherine Frances, who died Oct 8, 1900 at six years of age.14 Richard A Learned married second Josephine in 1927.1,13 Richard A Learned was recording secretary (Society of Engineers?), and in 1931-3 a secretary. In 1900 he was a lawyer in New York.1,13,8 Before coming to Radburn Richard and Josephine lived in the Bronx, New York.13

The Bulletin, 27 October 1932
The first discussion in the series on "Economics of Health Practices," sponsored by the Health and the Adult Education Committee and featuring local men, will be held on 31 Oct 1932 in the Club Room in the Plaza Building. Mr. R. A. Learned, Executive Secretary of the Society for Instruction in First Aid to the Injured, will discuss and demonstrate first aid practices; attention will be given to fractures, dislocations, sprains; the nervous system, shocks; the blood and its circulation, unconsciousness, fainting, apoplexy; hemorrhage, wounds, poisons and poisening; accidents to the head; convulsions and fits in children; burns. No registration is required for this course on health practices. All are invited.15
Richard A Learned and Josephine Learned moved before 1935 away from Radburn, as there was no longer an entry in the directory.3

G Milton Smith married Frances I B.3,5 Milton Smith was an instructor, later (1970) a teacher at City College in New York.3,6,16 G Milton Smith moved before 1937 from 302-G40 Highstreet to 302-E6 Highstreet, and before 1941 to 302-H27 Highstreet.

Johan E Phragmen married Eleanor C.2 Johan E Phragmen moved before 1939 from 201-A34 Abbott Road to 302-G40 Highstreet, but he was not listed in the 1935 and 1937 directories. He is also not listed in 1941.5,6

Raymond G Young married Margaruerite E.6 Raymond G Young was a salesman in Newark.17,6

Winifred Young was the widow of Franklin E.18

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